Akreditācijas ziņojums par antropoloģijas maģistrantūru RSU

Zemāk ir citēti daži spilgti citāti no akreditācijas komisijas ziņojuma par Sociālās antropoloģijas maģistrantūras programmu RSU.

Prof., Dr. Daina Teters:
The programme is taught by very qualified academic staff, and it has very motivated students. The rooms are well equipped.
Graduates of this programme should not have any difficulties in transferring to Doctoral Studies in the field at other European universities and finding a job in the labour market.

The level of the programme is almost excellent and it is in accordance with the best principles and requirements of European universities, where Social Anthropology is offered as a course of study.

Prof., Lorenzo Canas Bottos, PhD:
[T]he effort to find suitably qualified teachers has been carried out admirably, combining the search for Latvians who have recently (or are in the process of) obtaining their PhDs abroad to form the core faculty, together with the complementarity of highly qualified young foreign scholars. A sense of excitement and engagement with the discipline was perceived by this evaluator from students, staff and prospective employers alike.

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